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Analysts love this rising FTSE 100 stock!

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Is it worth keeping an eye on city analysts when watching? FTSE 100 stock?

Analysts are not perfect. Their predictions often follow the direction of the wind.

But they know a lot about the stocks they cover, which makes them a good jumping off point for finding undervalued stocks.

A stock analyst is currently a gambling group. Filter Entertainment (LSE: FLTR).

Should I buy?

Out of 15 analysts covering the filter, 14 have downgraded it as a ‘buy’ and none have rated it a ‘sell’.

With shares trading at £156, the analyst consensus 12-month price target is £188, which is 21% higher. One analyst has a 12-month price target of £213, which is 37% upside.

These ratings are also up-to-date, mostly announced in the last two weeks after Filter’s annual report on March 26.

It could be the most positively covered company on the FTSE 100!

Analysts liking a stock is one thing, but should I buy the shares?

158% up

Well, there’s a lot to like here.

Flutter, who owns. Paddy Power, Poker Stars, Betfair And the sky Betting Among its brands, going from strength to strength.

It reported year-over-year growth in revenue (25%), EBITDA (47%) and free cash flow (63%). Its user base, measured in millions of monthly players, grew by nearly 20%.

Revenue is also well diversified with the UK accounting for 24% of sales and the US 26%.

The shares also rose 158% over the past five years, with only a handful of FTSE 100 stocks doing more.

Its fellow FTSE 100 betting firm entertainment Only 37% growth during the period and smaller competitors 888 47 percent fell.

No condition.

Fluttering away with earnings from online casinos or high street bookmakers is, of course, a store of sin.

Like investing in a firm that sells alcohol or cigarettes, the goal of investing here is to profit from a product that can harm people.

You could argue some money over the weekend’s football results that there’s no alarm.

On the other hand, there will always be people who fall prey to gambling and ruin their lives.

In fact, some estimates put the suicide rate at 11 percent due to gambling losses.

The filter sets ‘Play Well’ restriction targets to limit this type of loss, which reached 44.9% of accounts last year. But why not apply them to every account immediately?

This is because the incentives in such a company will always be towards making as much money as possible even if it means using some dubious ethical means.

For this reason, this would be a stock I wouldn’t bet on.

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