Get renters insurance fast and get instant quotes online!

It is very expensive

This is going to be the biggest myth of all, getting a renters insurance plan can’t be cheap.

In fact, this type of insurance, on average, only runs about $180 per year.

That’s about $15.00 per month, and I’m sure we can think of 100’s of things and different types of coverage that we could easily spend $15.00 per month on, why not insurance.

My property is not valuable enough.

If you’ve ever looked at a budget or your monthly expenses, you’ll quickly learn that small purchases here and there add up.

The same goes for your personal property, wIndividually they may not be that valuable, but collectively they are worth a lot.

If you lose everything at once, can you really afford to replace everything?

So, don’t believe the hype, you need to cover your rental home or apartment fast and get covered today!

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