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AI, Machine Learning Power Lead-Gen Tool From Realeflow

RealFlow, a predictive seller analytics company, has announced its latest product, LeadFlow AI Agent, a lead generation solution to help real estate agents know when to be the first to list a home. wants

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According to an April 30 press release, realflow, a predictive seller analytics company, announced its latest product, Leadflow AI Agent, which helps real estate agents be the first to know what leads are being sold. When someone wants to list a home.

RealFlow founder and CEO Greg Clement said in a statement that his product uses AI to “deliver great leads, rather than buying agents, chasing them and then realizing they’re good. Leads are not or sold to many other agents.”

“The leadflow AI agent is also very cost-effective compared to paying companies like Zillow up to 40 percent of revenue in commission,” Clement said.

The company primarily sold the software to investors who wanted quick access to rental homes, flips and other opportunities. It scores each property according to its best investment method, assessing it for rental, retail or wholesaling. It uses extensive data analysis, AI and intuitive financial models to assess ROI potential and includes acquisition workflows with loan recommendations, sales scripts and remodeling cost forecasts. It also includes email campaign functionality and the creation of customized marketing materials.

Its algorithms process 136 billion data points linked to more than 40 years of sales data with relevant demographic and socioeconomic metrics, and LeadFlow uses release data and artificial intelligence that Realeflow has been using since 2019 for its real-time What has been deployed and increased for investors. According to the company.

The new product, being marketed to residential agents, focuses on the “retail” listing capability, which will help agents find homeowners who can sell in the next 90 to 180 days.

Its benefits include a clear, granular breakdown of each listing’s financial characteristics with comprehensive data summaries and scoring, and the ability to quickly adjust how much is being spent to reach each potential lead. Agents will not need to contact anyone to know what is going through the door, or coming in.

RealFlow said in the release that it wants to “level the playing field” for retail investors going to Wall Street as they market on Main Street. Institutional investors are increasing their interest in single-family rentals, pushing out ordinary buyers as well as local landlords.

In February of this year, RealFlow updated its scoring accuracy, and it incorporated data filtered by pandemic-era market activity. The company said pre-pandemic conditions are re-emerging, as are foreclosures. More people are also contributing to single-home mortgage payments, RealFlow said.

“Timing is everything in real estate and it’s always the seller’s timing that counts,” Clement said in an email to Inman in February. Even in this market there are people who decide to sell daily. AI is solving the timing problem better than anything else. It is aligning sellers and buyers faster than ever before.

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