The cheapest supermarket comes out in April 2024

The cheapest supermarket of 2024 has been revealed. Do you think it works out to be the cheapest when you shop?

A supermarket trolley carrying food and money.

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It’s a hotly debated and frequently asked topic in our supermarket savings community: Where is the cheapest place to shop?

The thing is, I don’t really think there are one-size-fits-all answers.

Of course, for MEAnd for the things I buy, a supermarket can do it cheaper.

However, we don’t have young children, so we save extra costs, and no one in the family has food allergies or intolerances.

Just because the basket of food I buy a week is cheaper, the things you buy may be more expensive.

What is the cheapest supermarket in the UK?

Trying to use a bit of method, which user group? Monitoring grocery prices at six major supermarkets (*that must have been a fun job*).

First, they made a shopping list of 67 items that they thought would be in a typical shopping basket.

Their inventory included a mix of the store’s own products and branded items, such as fruits and vegetables, pasta sauces, baked beans and other everyday items.

They then worked out the average price of each item (including discounts but not multi-buys) over the entire month and compared that.

So what did they find?

Without further ado, the lowest priced supermarket of April 2024 is … drum roll, please …

CThe heaviest supermarket for April 2024 is Aldi..

Opposite Aldi storeOpposite Aldi store
Credit: Aldi

The cheapest grocery trolley in April 2024 was from Aldi and cost £112.90.

Lidl was second cheapest at £115.23, and Asda was third, costing £126.98.

Waitrose was (perhaps not so surprisingly) the most expensive, costing £144.13.

Cheapest Supermarket April 2024Cheapest Supermarket April 2024
Image credit: Which one?

While these cart prices are up to date, Average weekly food costs vary depending on whether you buy for one, two or more people.

The cheapest supermarket month in 2024

Here’s the cheapest supermarket breakdown of 2024, as tracked by Who? on a monthly basis.

Here are the cheapest supermarkets year-round.:

January 2024 – Aldi – £129.24

February 2024 – Aldi – £125.43

March 2024 – Aldi – £121.06

April 2024 – Aldi – £112.90

May 2024 – TBC

Would you change your habits at lower prices?

Who is studying? Force you to shop at another store because it’s “cheaper” than another supermarket in the UK?

Or, are you happy with your research to find out where to shop?

Come and join thousands of other discerning shoppers. Reduce the costs of your supermarket Facebook community. To find tips and tricks to save money at your grocery store.

Cheapest supermarket 2023

Here’s the cheapest supermarket breakdown in 2023, as tracked by Who? on a monthly basis.

Stores will typically use a small basket of about 40 items, which is why prices appear to be much lower than this year.

January 2023 – Aldi – £82.03

February 2023 – Aldi – £74.81

March 2023 – Aldi – £72.54

April 2023 – Aldi – £69.99

May 2023 – Aldi – £68.60

June 2023 – Aldi – £72.25

July 2023 – Aldi – £71.22

August 2023 – Aldi – £65.21

September 2023 – Aldi – £67.72

October 2023 – Lidl – £74.58

November 2023 – Aldi – £76.77

December 2023 – Aldi – 74.83

2023 large food stores.

While the 2023 classification shows the cost of small essential stores, a larger show is also compared with actual items. This trolley includes a large range of branded items.

However, as some of the items they compare are branded, this comparison does not include Lidl or Aldi.

If we switch branded foods to our own brand (as I know a lot of people won’t have their entire trolley), the average price will be much lower.

And, as Lidi and Aldi have typically won for a small basket per month over the years (see below for their track histories), I fear they will lead this chart as well.

Supermarket2023 – Average price per trolley (branded items)
The Morrisons£336.41
which one? Data

Cheapest supermarket 2022

The cheapest supermarket overall in 2022 was Aldi. It was cheaper than the others for seven consecutive months, with Lidl just missing out on the top spot.

Note that they were much smaller basket sizes when compared this year, which is why they were so cheap until June when they started comparing more items.

looking back, Here are the cheapest supermarkets of 2022.:

January 2022 – Lidl – £24.78

February 2022 – Lidl – £24.21

March 2022 – Lidl – £26.83

April 2022 – Lidl – £25.92

May 2022 – Lidl – £23.55

June 2022 – Aldi – £75.61 (see note above for comparison sizes)

July 2022 – Aldi – £74.23

August 2022 – Aldi – £76.24

September 2022 – Aldi – £75.61

October 2022 – Aldi – £75.79

November 2022 – Aldi – £77.21

December 2022 – Aldi – £81.63

Note: In previous months, who compared about 20 items in each basket, but increased the number of items they were looking at. This makes it difficult to see how overall monthly prices are changing.

In March 2022, 21 items were compared, with the cheapest basket prices being £26.83. In April, with 18 items, it cost £25.92.

Each time they track food prices, compare changes in the basket. This is because they want to ensure that the products are available at every store. The food competition includes branded products including its own label free-range eggs and raspberries, as well as Chicago Town Pizza.

When you look at prices on a monthly basis, you can see how much prices have risen throughout the year. And you can tell why budgeting for the grocery shop is so hard!

The cheapest supermarket in 2021

Here are the supermarkets that were cheaper during 2021:

January 2021 – Aldi and Lidl were equal – £18.45

February 2021 – Lidl – £19.13

March 2021 – Lidl – £22.48

April 2021 – Aldi – £22.64

May 2021 – Lidl – £22.66

June 2021 – Aldi – £21.61

July 2021 – Aldi – £23.59

August 2021 – Lidl – £24.11

September – Aldi – £24.03

October – Aldi – £24.24

November – Aldi – £24.64

December – Lidl – £23.29

Cheapest supermarket 2020

In 2020, Lidl was named the cheapest place to shop.

It was 34p cheaper than its rival Aldi.

Ocado and Waitrose were bottom of the list as the most expensive supermarkets.

Tracked on a month-to-month basis, Aldi looked like it was cheaper than Lidl. However, instead of using monthly summaries, they tracked 2020’s lowest-priced supermarket by items they could find.

Cheapest supermarket 2020Cheapest supermarket 2020
Credit: Which one?

The value-for-money basket features 45 popular branded and own-label products, including Hooves bread, corn stock cubes, eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes.

The UK’s cheapest supermarket 2019

Here’s how supermarkets stack up, comparing prices for 53 items during 2019:

SupermarketAverage price of trolley (53 branded items)
The Morrisons£109.13

For comparison, the cheapest UK supermarket in their study in 2018 was Morrisons, followed by Asda and then Sainsbury’s.

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What is wrong with their old research?

Checking grocery receiptsChecking grocery receipts

While I believe which? They’ve done their tracking and research well, I’m not sure it’s a true reflection of how people actually shop.

Missing supermarkets.

For several years, they were only comparing six supermarkets and they missed both Lidl and Aldi by 2020.

Their reasoning?

They used MySupermarket to determine prices and as Aldi and Lidl do not offer online shopping, prices were not used.

They also haven’t monitored food prices on Amazon and, if you’re going to buy branded, you can save a lot of money if you shop at Amazon Fresh or even Morrisons via Amazon.

Shopping trolley with foodShopping trolley with food

Natalie Hutchins, which one? Head of Home Products and Services said:

“Your weekly supermarket shop can have a significant impact on your wallet.

“Our analysis shows how important shopping around can be to ensure you get the best price for your groceries.”

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