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Dark Academia interior design for a tortured poet

In a remarkable Fifteen daysTaylor Swift’s latest album, Department of Poets, has broken world records, leaving an indelible mark on Swift’s massive fan base and cementing her astonishing legacy. With each era, Taylor Swift has given fans a reason to gather – sharing emotions ranging from heartache to feelings of joy and relief as she reflects on her personal experiences in her poetic lyrics.

For those who’ve gotten hooked on the 31-track album and want to make their listening experience fit for a tortured poet, this Redfin article is for you. We’ll be unveiling an array of interior design and decor tips that combine everyday necessities with dark academy aesthetics. Department of Poets.

Each unique Taylor Swift era is distinguished by a signature color. His eleventh studio album is no different. Department of Poets Debuted with a white album cover. Lo and behold, when the swift fell The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology (a second album), he did so with a black album cover. Its five vinyl varieties include clear, white, black and gray shades.

These colors shape the album’s aesthetic and are reflected in its album art and Fifteen days Music video which features Postmelon. When you design your space, keep these colors in mind when combining fabrics, furniture pieces and other design elements. Avoid going with one color over another. Blending and layering these colors seamlessly a Dark academia interior.

Upcycled poetry books and vinyl can add decorative intrigue to any room in your home. Books of poetry by notorious “violence poets,” such as Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allan Poe, can serve as accessible reading material on a coffee table or among bookshelves with other literature. can be displayed.

As the self-proclaimed chairman of the department, a vinyl shelf or stand with Taylor Swift’s discography is a must. Plus, vinyls from artists like Stevie Nicks and Charlie Puth would be exceptional companions.

Black Academia Aesthetic Bookshelf

When Taylor Swift declared the manuscript no longer hers and put it in the hands of fans, it felt natural for fans to find themselves in the lyrics. Setting the mood to discover these tunes from your perspective can be uplifting when filling the room with your favorite scents.

Black academia with pillar candle holders or baroque ornament details are great choices for a flare. Set the mood with floral or refreshing scents, such as lilac, to create a sense of calm when gathering with friends. Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus.

Like any feline friend, Taylor’s cats Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button will likely enjoy the cozy pieces of furniture. Discover vintage wood pieces with dark stains, such as mahogany. These pieces can be anything from a bed frame to a writing desk or seating arrangement.

It’s no secret though that the glitter didn’t show up on the gel pen. Department of Poets, fans were flooded with quill and fountain pen songs. These pens offer a timeless touch on a tabletop where you can jot down your thoughts in a journal or on loose paper as a memento of ink blots and dried drops of spilled tea.

Pen on the table

Early Hollywood The actress Clara Bow Remembered on Swift’s album. Additionally, Taylor Swift pays homage to her knowledge of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle on the track. So high school.

These figureheads can be found in paintings and photographs from the past and appear well with dark academy styles if framed in Victorian brass or distressed black frames. With so many talented artists, if you’re looking for something other than portraits, explore nature paintings with a muted, natural color palette that won’t overwhelm your space.

Fans will discover a 24-page book jacket inside. Department of Poets Vinyl Which features Taylor Swift photos and lyrics. In several photos, Swift is photographed with flowers that add to her album’s aesthetic.

Draping flat surfaces such as console or dining tables, fireplace mantles, or bathroom countertops with dried flowers adds a decorative layer when paired with a flickering candle. This look is also a fun way to style your space with natural elements. “Can symbolize many of life’s defining moments. And remind us of the wisdom and meaning behind it all.

Black candle and dried flowers

Once you’ve made your way through the first part Department of Poetsyou have reached part two, Anthology. Here, fans get a more meandering sound than the tempo mixed in the opening sixteen songs. These songs allow listeners to gaze into the moonlight, reflect on life’s sorrows, and live a “movie moment.”

Designing your home with lace curtains makes the experience more enjoyable as they are lighter in weight and offer more light exposure than solid curtains, which are designed to block light.

Although perhaps not on the side of dark academia, an interior design inspired by heroines like Taylor Swift and as an intern Department of PoetsMerchandise inspired by the album is a must-have.

Across Swift’s extensive discography, you’ll find an array of merchandise to pair with your new style. The poets department was subjected to tortureInspired homes from vinyl holders to patches – but remember, handle your stuff with care. You don’t want to break your favorite toys.

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