Lidl’s £2 beauty boxes are already selling at a huge profit.

Lidl’s £2 beauty box sold out in seconds – but you can still get one if you’re willing to spend £50!

lidl beauty box sold out

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Have you heard about the latest deals flying off the shelves?

Lidl recently launched beauty boxes full of goodies, and they were a steal at just £2!

Around 35,000 people joined the virtual queue online to try and get themselves a box.

However, they sold out quickly, and some people are now selling them on eBay for a profit.

Why were Lidl beauty boxes so popular?

Lidl’s beauty boxes became a hit for one simple reason.

The price was incredibly low.

For just £2, you can get a box full of different beauty products, which normally cost £70!

Resale for profit

Lidl Beauty Box on eBay for profitLidl Beauty Box on eBay for profit

While many were happy to grab these boxes for personal use, others saw an opportunity to make money.

Some boxes that originally sold for £2 are now being listed on eBay for much higher prices.

It was for charity, and now people are selling them for £50 – making huge profits.

This situation is not new – limited edition items often end up on resale platforms. We’ve seen this in the past with M&S beauty bags and even Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot at Christmas time.

While this can be frustrating for those who miss out and end up paying high prices.

What can you do if you miss it?

If you’ve been missing out on Lidl beauty boxes, don’t worry, there are still ways you can snag a great deal.

The best first step is to find alternatives or make your own.

It will cost more than £2, but you can personalize a hamper full of treats.

Other stores may offer similar beauty boxes or deals. Find comparable offers that offer good value for your money.

If it’s one you specifically want, Lidl may decide to restock it. Keep checking the website or visit your local Lidl to see if the beauty boxes are back.

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