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What are the best AI stocks to buy for explosive growth potential?

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The industry I write about is technology. So, it’s no surprise that I think AI is one of the best areas to invest in right now. Most people know. Nvidia As the most popular AI company of them all. They may be right. However, there are a few others worthy of my attention.

Revolution in industries (NYSE:AI) is one of the most interesting companies helping other businesses streamline their operations with AI integration. It has clients in industries including aerospace, financial services, healthcare, and even the US Air Force. Its customers include many Fortune 500 firms.

The company offers a range of software solutions, applications and customized AI tools to empower businesses. Not only does it facilitate data analysis and business or security intelligence, it can completely tailor its services to meet the specific needs of a particular organization.

Many readers have heard of a company. Palantir, and the two firms are not very different. Palantir currently dominates the market, but what has is a better value.

Initial investment

The hard thing about making big investments is that I have to buy in really early stages to grow at scale. However, it comes with more risk. There is a lot of luck involved in reaching a company and then maintaining yourself at the top of the industry.

That’s why I think it’s important to diversify and keep most of your money in large, well-established companies. With a small amount of my total assets, I’m happy to take on a little more risk, and a smaller amount might be best for investing in at this stage.

The main reason I say that is because the company has yet to report profits. This is not a problem for me because I understand how to evaluate a company that is in the first stage. However, this always means that there is a bit more uncertainty.

Beyond AI: Robotics

Many investors want to know what will be the next field that will create explosive growth in the stock market. I bet it will be robotics, where AI starts to have a more significant impact on the physical economy. Right now, AI is really impacting information transfer and efficiency. Just imagine when it starts to completely change manufacturing, driving, cleaning etc.

So I am currently looking for shares in the robotics industry. One of my favorite areas to invest in right now that I think could lead to great success is robotic surgery. It is a leader in this field. Intuitive surgicalAnd I am likely to become a shareholder of this firm in the next few months.

Four excellent choices

I believe all of these companies are compelling, and here is a list of all the ones I mentioned. I have ranked them based on how attractive I find the investment to be at the moment. I don’t own any of them yet, but I can see myself owning them all soon, especially Nvidia and Intuitive Surgical.

  1. Nvidia
  2. Intuitive surgical
  3. Palantir

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