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7 Fun Facts About Cincinnati, OH: How Well Do You Know Your City?

In addition to its famous skyline and famous chili, Cincinnati has a wealth of lesser-known wonders waiting to be discovered. From its claim as the birthplace of professional baseball to its unique architectural gems like the Curio Tower, the “Queen City” is full of fascinating history and charm. Whether you’re settling into your new apartment in Cincinnati, looking for a home for sale, or just want to learn more, this Redfin article will uncover some interesting fun facts about Cincinnati that are sure to be interesting and fun. shall be.

Fast facts about Cincinnati

Median home sales price $225,000
Average monthly rent $1,149
Walk score 98/100
Transit score 80/100
Bike score 60/100

1. Home to the second oldest zoo in the country

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the United States, having opened in 1875. It is also home to the famous hippo, Fiona, who became an internet sensation after her premature birth and miraculous survival. This fun fact about Cincinnati highlights the city’s dedication to wildlife conservation and its beloved animal ambassadors.

2. The Roebling Suspension Bridge was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cincinnati Roebling is home to the Suspension Bridge, which served as a prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge New York City. The bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it opened in 1866 and is a magnificent example of engineering and construction skills.

3. Home of Big Joe, the largest swinging bell ever built in America

Big Joe, the largest swinging bell ever built in the United States, is located in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood of St. Francis de Sales Church. Weighing an impressive 30,000 pounds, Big Joe had only one ring. The Big Joe stands as a testament to Cincinnati’s heritage and historic architecture.

4. The city lizards were imported from Italy.

Legend has it that a young boy brought his pet lizards from a family vacation in Italy to Cincinnati, where they eventually grew up and became known as “Lazarus the Lizard.” Named after Lazarus, the boy who supposedly introduced them to the city, these Mediterranean geckos have become a familiar sight in Cincinnati’s urban environment, delighting locals and visitors alike with their presence. .

5. Steven Spielberg was born here.

Steven Spielberg, the famous filmmaker behind such famous films as “Jaws”, “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Jurassic Park”, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although he spent most of his childhood in New Jersey and Arizona, Spielberg’s birthplace in the Queen City is an important part of his personal history.

6. The Mercantile Library has an unbroken lease of 10,000 years.

The Mercantile Library, a historic institution in Cincinnati, has the unique distinction of having a 10,000-year unbreakable lease for its space. This remarkable lease agreement was established in the mid-19th century and ensures the library’s continuity for millennia to come.

7. The Cincinnati Bengals were the first professional baseball club.

The Cincinnati base, founded in 1869, holds the honor The first professional baseball club in history. This groundbreaking team laid the foundation for the modern professional baseball leagues we know today, a pivotal moment in the game’s evolution.

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