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NAR tries to restart its rep at mid-year conference: Download

The membership of the National Association of Realtors gathered in the nation’s capital to ctrl-alt-del its reputation. Did it work?

May is the month of commission and compensation in Inman. We’ll sort through the noise and misinformation and provide you with the latest facts and strategies on how to progress in the wake of the Commission’s settlement. And find updates straight to your inbox with Inman’s new weekly digest Commission Chronicles.

Each week on The Download, Inman’s Christy Murdock takes a closer look at the most read stories of the week to give you what you need to meet Monday. This week: The membership of the National Association of Realtors gathered in the nation’s capital to ctrl-alt-del its reputation. Did it work?

Uncertainty has been a watchword for Realtors for some time, but in the last year or so it has taken its toll on members of the National Association of Realtors. From scandals to settlements, real estate professionals are left wondering where their membership money is going, what it’s paying for and whether it’s worth it.

From those who want to work without being a member of NAR to those who want to change the paradigm and start a new trade group to those who are riding or dying for the organization, around There are plenty of opinions to go around. It was against a background of confusion, frustration and – dare we say it? — even hope that Realtors of all stripes met last week at the Realtors Legislative Meetings in Washington, DC.

of Inman Andrea V. Brumbella There she was, asking tough questions on your behalf and using her deep knowledge of the industry and the legal system to analyze statements, note inconsistencies and testify to the nation’s largest trade group, a newly divorced real estate agent. Like a housewife, NAR seeks to reset, refresh and renew its appeal to its members.

Oh, by the way, don’t miss his story at the board of directors meeting and the questions he raises about dues, code of conduct and mysteriously membership numbers.

The day NAR signed its commission’s lawsuit settlement, March 15, was “the first day of our future,” NAR President Kevin Sears said during a forum at the 1.5 million-member trade group’s midyear conference in response to questions about the proposed settlement of the commission’s cases.

Sears spoke at the Idea Exchange Council for Brokers Forum at the Realtors Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C., where he thanked the 100 or so attendees for dispelling “misinformation,” “half-truths” and “just plain bad.” “Reporting”. Media regarding the proposed settlement.

The CEO of gives a speech in support. NAR CEO Damian Eales took to the podium Monday at the Realtors Legislative Meetings’ MLS Forum to refute earlier claims by rival CoStar about’s increased traffic.

‘Godspeed’: Changes to NAR Settlement Implementation MLS

At the Realtors Legislative Meetings earlier this week, MLS executives were told they would be responsible for making sure real estate agents and brokers follow the commission’s new rules.

The NAR Board of Directors votes to maintain membership dues. $156

The trade group had hinted at plans to raise the dues in 2025, but voted 894-20 to leave them in place for a second year during a board of directors meeting Thursday at the Realtors Legislative Meetings.

As NAR met, talked, explained and took action this week, Inman contributors did what they do best – providing real-world advice and insights to make it meaningful. Here are some of the best industry-focused tips from this week, along with a NAR Focused Plus question to gauge your opinion.

What if NAR goes away? Examining the destructor potential, potential

While it may seem right to eliminate the institution that NAR created, the founders of the brokerage Sean Frank writes, The end of NAR could mean the end of the industry as we know it.

How to ignore the legal drama and focus on it. Opportunity

While you need to be aware of changes in the industry, the CEO Worl workman Writing, you also need to make sure that you focus on what you can control.

Did NAR’s buyer agreement information provide the clarity you needed? The pulse

Agency, contract and compensation questions are on the line. Do you have the information you need to get going now?

Christy Murdock is a freelance writer, coach and consultant and owner. Real estate writing. Connect with Real Estate Writing On. Instagram And subscribe to the weekly roundup, Ketchup.

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