Free Pampers Nappies and Money Off Vouchers – Ongoing Offer

When you use the Pampers Club loyalty app you can get free Pampers nappies as well as money off vouchers.

Pamper free nappies

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Babies are beautiful but expensive! And, only one of the expenses is nappies.

When they are little, babies go through about 10 to 12 nappies a day, while older babies use about 8 to 8 nappies a day! That’s about 4,000 a year!

So, when there’s a way to cut costs, it’s easy to jump on it.

Like the other Loyalty cards, the Pampers Club app offers rewards in the form of free nappies!

How it works

You may have never noticed or just thought it was a random code, but the code printed inside the Pampers pack is there for a reason.

This code unlocks points, which you can save to get free coupons for future purchases or nappies.

Example of a Pampers Nappies codePampers Nappies Code Example

You earn points for every pack you buy, as well as rewards for continuing to use the app (like 200 bonus points for your third scan).

You don’t even need to enter the details, as the app has a camera option, so you can scan the code right in.


Each size pack of nappies has different prizes.

Basically, you earn 1 point for every nappy you buy, so if you buy bigger packs you’ll earn more.

So, a pack of 50 nappies earns you 50 points.

Pampers Club Loyalty SchemePampers Club Loyalty Scheme

As your toddler gets older, you’ll earn more:

  • Size 3 – 30 points
  • Size 4 – 40 points
  • Size 5 – 50 points
  • Size 6 – 60 points
  • Size 7 – 70 points
  • Size 8 – 80 points

Pampers have a bonus code NEWSQUAD6OFF, which gives you a £6 off coupon to use straight away if you’re new to the app.

After saving enough points, you can redeem your rewards for coupons in the Pampers Club app.

You can choose from a range of money-off coupons to use in store (paper coupons sent in the post) or online (e-coupons) at a selection of supermarkets.

Pampers Nappies CouponsPampers Nappies Coupons

You can use coupons for pants and wipes as well as nappies.

The app has a referral program where you can earn up to 1,000 points when a friend signs up. You get 200 points each for up to 5 friends who join (however, the code above will get them more).

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