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Just released: May’s high-risk, high-reward stock recommendation [PREMIUM PICKS]

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Investors following Fire Styles are accepting more risk with the goal of achieving higher returns over time. This approach therefore requires a high risk tolerance, and a willingness to accept significant volatility in share prices. In October 2019, we also expanded our range. Fire Shares will also include potential recommendations from the U.S. stock market, which includes a better variety of “growth” stocks.

We recommend that investors who primarily buy Fire Shares should especially focus on diversifying your portfolio. With sufficient diversification, investors should still take advantage of any upside, while limiting the damage to their portfolios if conditions don’t go our way.

We do not consider Fire Investing for gambling or get-rich-quick schemes. Our goal is to become long-term owners of these businesses and reap the rewards of their success. Our investment time horizon for these stocks is measured in years and decades, not weeks and months.

“Life as a public company has thus far been better than expected. [this firm]making the logic behind its spin-off quite compelling.”

Ian Pearce, Share Advisor

May Fire Recommendation:


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