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8% profitable yield! Buying these UK dividend shares can earn £1,600 a second.

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Investing in FTSE 100 And FTSE 250 Shares can be a great way to generate passive income. Established market positions and solid balance sheets give many of these companies the power to pay sustainable dividends. And right now, many of the top UK blue chips offer impressive profit yields.

Recent gains mean the average yield for FTSE 100 stocks has fallen to 3.5%. Meanwhile, the corresponding reading for FTSE 250 shares has fallen by 3.3%.

I think I can do better than that, and am looking at the following three FTSE 250 stocks to turbocharge my passive income. Their market-beating dividend yield and dividend growth estimates can also be found below.

Company Forward dividend yield Profit growth forecast
Next Energy Solar Fund (LSE:NESF) 10.9% 1%
Bank of Georgia Group (LSE:BGEO) 6.4% 20%
HICL Infrastructure (LSE:HICL) 6.6% 0%

£1,600 sec income

The average yield of these shares comes to 8%. If the broker’s predictions prove correct, a lump sum of £20,000 in these stocks would give me a passive income of £1,600 over the next 12 months.

I am confident that they will continue to deliver increasing returns in the years to come. Why would I buy them if I had spare cash to invest today?

Power up

Renewable energy stocks NextEnergy Solar Fund can be considered by investors looking for reliable dividend income. Although solar panels can be expensive to maintain and operate, a lucrative business.

The Fund can expect income to remain stable regardless of economic conditions. Finally, electricity demand does not change even during recessions.

On top of that, NextEnergy Solar receives a UK government subsidy that is linked to inflation, which in turn provides cash flow with added security.

I think this company could be the best way for investors to take advantage of the green energy revolution.

Banking Star

Investing in Georgia today is riskier than it has been in years. The emerging political crisis in the country threatens to damage the bright economic outlook of the country.

But on balance, I think the risks of such turmoil are inherent in Bank of Georgia’s rock-bottom assessment. Today the bank trades at a forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of just 3.7 times.

With it also offering a dividend yield of around 6%, I think Bank of Georgia offers fantastic value right now.

This is another FTSE 250 share with considerable growth potential, in my opinion. Regional rivals TBC BankThe nearly 16% increase in profits last quarter (as announced last week) illustrates this point.

The property giant

HICL Infrastructure primarily invests in public sector related assets. This risks changes in government policy and legal changes.

But, I believe it is another great way to earn reliable passive income. The contracted rents it receives from its portfolio of 100+ assets provide a steady stream of income that it can distribute to shareholders.

HICL’s focus on key infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, railways and roads provides another strength. These assets remain in high demand at all points of the economic cycle.

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