Millions of Clubcard points are about to expire – use them or lose them!

Use them or lose them! £17 million in Clubcard points are about to expire, but you still have time to use them and get up to x2 their value.

Grabbing a Tesco Club Card from the fridge

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£17 million of unused Club Card vouchers are about to expire, and you need to use them fast!

Clubcard vouchers issued back in May 2022 need to be used or you will lose them.

You only have time to cash them in until midnight on May 31, 2024.

Millions of Club Card points expire

Did you know that Club Card points have an expiry date?

Well, it seems millions don’t, and people are going to miss out on a lot!

Clubcard points have an expiry date of 2 years from when they are issued, and that time can pass quickly.

There are enough Clubcard points due to expire before 31 May to cover your hundreds of thousands of pounds. A weekly grocery shop or perhaps a weekly shop for the entire population of Glasgow!

What can you use points for?

Tesco Club Card app with pointsTesco Club Card app with points
Image credit: Tesco

Whether you want to use them on your weekly shop, collect some fuel, or use them for a day, be sure to cash in before the end of May.

Considering that half term is coming up, you can use them to do something free with the family.

There are enough unused vouchers to cover the cost of a few million pizzas from Pizza Express.

Or, if you fancy a free day, there are enough points to cover thousands of day tickets to Thorpe Park.

Whatever you do with the points – Don’t lose them!

As points expire, so do millions of pounds in reward partner codes.

So, have you redeemed your points in the past and not used a voucher yet?

If you don’t use them then £16 million in day out or dining out prizes will just be wasted!

Sneaky tip to grow them

After you’ve checked out all the offers and decided there’s nothing you really need, or if you can’t manage to get to the store, there’s a little trick you can use to maximize your vouchers. can.

If you make a small purchase of 50p on the rewards page, the remaining balance of your voucher will be refunded to you.

The newly issued credit will have a new expiry date of two years.

So, say you have a £5 voucher due to expire at the end of the month, spend 50p on an offer and you’ll get a £4.50 voucher back with a new expiry date. .

You can log into your ClubCard account to spend on the things you love, download the ClubCard app to track your points, or use them in-store to buy your groceries.

Even if you have lost your paper voucher, don’t worry.

The Tesco app is really useful, and it keeps track of all your vouchers.

You can scan any vouchers you collect directly from the app or find a code to spend on their website.

Tesco Club Card App VouchersTesco Club Card App Vouchers

If you choose to redeem with one of hundreds of rewards partners, you can double their value.

So, £10 of Clubcard points can turn into £20 worth of rewards, depending on what you’re doing.

Tesco Chief Commercial Officer Ashwin Prasad commented:

“With millions of vouchers set to expire at the end of this month, we’re urging everyone to get the most out of their Clubcard this May and check if any vouchers or reward codes have expired. happening.”

Save more at Tesco.

Tesco Delivery Saver is a subscription-based delivery service that enables you to reduce your supermarket delivery costs and save big every month.Tesco Delivery Saver is a subscription-based delivery service that enables you to reduce your supermarket delivery costs and save big every month.
Image credit: Tesco plc

If you shop at Tesco regularly, you’ll save money over the course of a month by signing up to Clubcard Plus.

You’ll need to pay £7.99 a month (though stay and hear why you’d want to), but if you do two £40+ shops per month you’ll save more than that.

It’s really a no brainer.

For online shoppers, get Tesco Delivery Saver to make sure you save money too – and if you don’t save, they’ll refund you the difference.

And, remember that Club Card points expire two years.

Millions are set to expire before the end of the month, but more will follow each month.

So, keep checking the Tesco app so you don’t miss out.

Come and join thousands of other discerning shoppers. Reduce the costs of your supermarket Facebook community. To find tips and tricks to save money at your grocery store.

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