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Engaging brokerage clients through SEO and content creation

Chicago broker David Marden writes that unique, engaging and highly specific content can make you a trusted resource for buyers and sellers locally and regionally.

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In today’s real estate market, the dominance of national companies like Zillow and makes it difficult for regional brokerages to rank for broad keyword terms such as “homes for sale.” [City]”

To compete effectively, it is important to focus on creating content that educates, informs and entertains potential clients. Before they even know where they will be moving or looking for a home..

This strategy will become even more powerful when replicated in other large markets with highly competitive education and large companies with an international presence, including ideally New York City; Washington DC; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; and San Francisco.

How creating unique content for a real estate website helps increase organic traffic. Search traffic, total impressions and average keyword position


  1. Broad keyword saturation: National real estate companies hold dominant positions for broad keyword terms.
  2. Limited regional access: Regional brokerages have smaller market influence than national companies.
  3. Uncertainty of relocation requirements: Engaging prospective clients who aren’t yet sure where they will move can be difficult.

Where is your next buyer from?

Your next client probably isn’t even from that area, so create a content strategy that focuses on what information someone visiting that area might be researching. First They start looking for real estate.

Solution: Unique and engaging content strategy

To capture the audience early, the strategy will focus on two key areas: education and companies/jobs. By providing valuable insights into schools and business opportunities, we can build brand awareness and trust, engaging prospective clients well before they decide on a specific location.

As unique content begins to rank with search engines, this will also help Promote content specific to real estate. Which can help attract a wider audience.

Section 1: Educational Content

the aim: Attract families by offering valuable information about educational options, especially those who prefer good school districts.

Content Topics:

1. School District Guides:

  • Create comprehensive guides detailing various school districts, including rankings, special programs, and amenities
  • Featured lists such as “Top 5 School Districts [City/Suburb] for families”
  • School District Guides will be linked to a saved search that will include homes for sale within the attendance boundaries of those schools.

2. Gifts and Rewards Program:

  • Write about specific schools that are known for their gifted and honors programs.
  • Showcase success stories and highlight admissions processes for special programs.

3. Bilingual Education and Language Immersion Schools:

  • Offer guides about bilingual programs available in districts, focusing on Spanish, French, German or other immersion schools.
  • Interview parents or school administrators to provide insight into these unique programs.

4. Extracurricular Activities and Sports:

  • Create essays detailing schools with standout extracurricular and athletic programs
  • Preparation for testing
  • Types of tests to help parents and caregivers prepare

Content Types and Formats:

Blog Posts and Articles:

  • Detailed guides, parent testimonials, school program comparisons

Videos and Webinars:

  • Virtual tours of top schools, Q&A sessions with school principals


  • Visual comparison of school districts and academic programs

SEO Keywords and Questions:

  • “In the best school districts [City]”
  • “Gift Programs [City]”
  • “Top Bilingual Schools [City]”

Section 2: Content focused on companies and jobs

the aim: Engage potential clients by offering valuable insights into job markets and business opportunities in different cities. This will also increase exposure to larger companies that may use us. Relocation Services To help buy/sell.

Content Topics:

1. Job Market Insights:

  • Create market reviews highlighting top industries, employment trends and growth opportunities
  • Develop city-specific guides such as “Job Market Insights for [City]”or” the leading employer [City]”

2. Migration Guide:

  • Provide detailed relocation guidance including accommodation, job market insights and living costs.
  • Include employer-specific programs and incentives.

3. List of Top Companies:

  • Create comprehensive lists of top companies in various markets (for example, “Top 10 Tech Companies to Hire [City]”)
  • Interview recruiters or HR representatives for specific advice.

4. Spouse/other important employment opportunities:

  • Create guides for spouses moving with their partners, including job search strategies and companies with dual career programs.

Content Types and Formats:

Blog Posts and Articles:

  • Job market trends, company profiles, relocation strategies

Videos and Podcasts:

  • Interviews with recruiters, webinars on job search strategies


  • Visual insights into job growth trends, salary comparisons across industries

SEO Keywords and Questions:

  • “Labor Market Insights [City]”
  • “Top Companies [City]”
  • “refer to [City] for work”

Implementation plan

1. Content Calendar:

  • Create a 12-month calendar, balancing educational and job-focused content (all linked to real estate content)
  • Schedule blog posts, videos and infographics at regular intervals.

2. Keyword Research and Optimization:

  • Identify long-tail keywords for each theme.
  • Optimize content for search queries related to schools, job markets, and companies
  • It’s important to remember that we are not keyword chasers.

3. Distribution and Promotion:

  • Share content on social media platforms, real estate forums and LinkedIn.
  • Partner with local school districts, businesses and relocation services to distribute materials.
  • Use email marketing to target families and professionals.

4. Engagement metrics:

  • Monitor engagement metrics such as time on page, bounce rates and click-through rates.
  • Track lead generation through landing pages and downloadable guides.

5. Continuous Improvement:

  • Analyze metrics regularly to refine and adjust content strategy.
  • Collect feedback through surveys and comments to develop future content.

While national real estate companies dominate broad keyword searches, a regional brokerage can capture an audience by offering unique, engaging and highly specialized content focused on the education and job markets. By becoming a trusted resource for families and professionals, a brokerage can build brand awareness, build lasting relationships, and ultimately convert future clients.

David Marden is a third generation real estate professional with 20+ years of experience and has mentored some of Chicago’s top real estate professionals. Connect with Morden On. Instagram And Linkedin.

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