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7 Reasons Great Real Estate Agents Will Always Be Needed

Jimmy Burgess writes that now is the time to expand your skill set, expand your knowledge and provide more value than you ever have before.

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There is a lot of doom and gloom about the real estate sales business in the world today. However, I have never been more excited about what the future holds for professional agents. When you provide great value and essential expertise, you will always be compensated commensurate with the service you provide.

Here are seven reasons great agents will always be in demand.

1. Experience

Your experience and understanding of the sales process matters. The more experience you have, the more trust your clients will have in you and your ability to help them achieve their goal of buying or selling a home. It is your experience that will help them avoid potential mistakes in the process and it is your experience that will guide them to the end of success.

We live in a society where everyone is looking for the “easy button”. When you’re an agent, if they believe you’ll help them through the process with minimal hassle, they’ll be happy to trade your expertise for their dollars.

2. Key spatial insights.

Much of the news reporting on real estate is done nationally. While trends at the national level are important, it’s the local details and insights that affect buyers and sellers the most. Details like:

  • Average price per square foot for houses in different neighbourhoods
  • Local trends whether inventory is up or down from the previous month
  • Local absorption rate trends
  • Average day on market trends
  • Even if listing sales prices are showing slack.

These are all local insights that influence how a home is priced or where the initial offer price should be.

A professional agent shares insights that help buyers and sellers make the best decision for themselves and their families. Without a proper understanding of local trends, buyers and sellers can cost themselves thousands of dollars by making uninformed decisions. Be the most educated agent in your local market and you’ll continue to be a valuable and essential part of the process.

3. Local resource network

Your network of trusted service providers has tremendous value. Most buyers don’t know the home inspector they feel they can trust. Most buyers or sellers do not know a contractor who does quality work at a reasonable price. But you do, and having access to your extensive network of resources can set you apart from your competition.

A truly professional agent can recommend resources from babysitters to bicycle technicians. They know plumbers, electricians, landscapers and pool companies. When you are the connection point between your buyers or sellers and the people or resources they need, your value will be recognized and appreciated.

4. Evaluation skills

If sellers are relying on Zillow to price their home before listing it for sale, they’re doing it wrong. Your ability to thoroughly analyze your appraisal and present it in a way that sellers can easily understand will help them sell their home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Even if the seller wishes the price was higher, numbers are numbers. If they decide to list their home with another agent who says he or she thinks it’s worth more, they won’t forget your offer. The fact that you’ve provided a factual analysis will give you a better chance of being the listing agent when the home expires and they’re ready to get realistic about the price. .

When you show buyers a price analysis of the home they are considering buying, they are equipped with the confidence to make an offer based on the knowledge you provide. Your evaluation analysis helps them make decisions on offers or counter-offers based on facts and with less emotion.

A true professional who can demonstrate expertise in evaluating homes will always be in demand.

5. Negotiation skills

If you are a skilled negotiator who negotiates at a high level on behalf of your client, you will be worth far more than the commission they pay you. You can develop your skills as a negotiator in a few ways. Book Never split the difference. by Chris Voss is a great place to start, but there are tons of resources available through a Google or YouTube search.

The key is to understand that it is your job to negotiate on behalf of your client. If you are serious about your job performance and serving your clients at the highest level, you will always be working to develop and improve your skills as a negotiator. When the value of your expertise exceeds your commission costs, there will always be a market for your services.

6. Marketing skills

Effective marketing provides the exposure sellers need to get the number of showings necessary to maximize the sale price of their home. Have you built a social media following or email list that you can easily market your listing to? Do you invest in top-of-the-line videography and understand how to tell a home’s story in a way that attracts buyers? Do you host open houses, knock on doors or run Google Pay Per Click ads better than other agents?

Marketing skills give sellers the confidence that you can present and represent their home at the highest level possible. These are skills that will always be needed and sought after.

7. Legal Navigation Through the Process

We live in a society that is increasingly contentious. We started with the value of experience, and this is one area where experience is most important. Your ability to navigate clients through the buying and selling process while avoiding potential losses or liabilities is needed now more than ever.

Understand how to properly describe contingencies that protect your client. Provide updates on upcoming emergency deadlines. Be the professional agent your clients need and deserve by fully understanding your contract. By doing this, you will not only be protecting your client but also protecting the clients need for your service.

Now is the time to expand your skill set, expand your knowledge, and provide more value than you ever have before. By doing so, your business will not only survive these changing times, but it will thrive like never before.

Jimmy Burgess is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him. Instagram And LinkedIn.

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