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Oklahoma’s 13 Best Lakes to Live in 2024

With landmarks like Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Black Kettle National Grassland, Oklahoma has a wide range of landscapes to explore if you’re staying in the state. From From prairies and forests to plains and lakes, Oklahoma has plenty of wonderful places to call home. And if you want to live the lakeside lifestyle, Oklahoma has numerous lakes that are perfect for buying a home near.

At Redfin, we’ve compiled a list of 13 lakes in Oklahoma to buy a home this year. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city by the water or a quiet retreat surrounded by nature, we can help you find your perfect Oklahoma lake town.

1. Arcadia Lake (Edmond)

Closest city: Edmund, all right
Median Home Sales Price: $360,000
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $1,157
Population: 95,000
Homes for sale in Edmond, OK
Apartments for rent in Edmond, OK

First on our list of lakes to stay in Oklahoma is Lake Arcadia. Located on the east side of Edmond, Lake Arcadia creates a tranquil escape with its clear waters and lush surroundings. The lake is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find parks like Spring Creek Park, Storybook Forest, and Spring Creek Swim Beach. The city of Edmond has a great blend of suburban living and natural beauty. Just a short drive from downtown, residents can enjoy both worlds – lake life and the amenities of city amenities.

2. Broken Bow Lake (Broken Bow)

Closest city: A broken bow, all right
Median Home Sales Price: $308,000
Population: 4,100
Homes for sale in Broken Bow, OK
Apartments for rent in Broken Bow, OK

Broken Bow Lake is a gem located on the eastern side of Oklahoma near Arkansas. This picturesque lake is surrounded by lush forests similar to Beavers Bend State Park and offers an abundance of activities such as kayaking, fishing and swimming. The nearest town is Broken Bow, known for its friendly community and charming local businesses along Main Street. Broken Bow provides a peaceful retreat for those who want to be near the water and enjoy the natural surroundings.

3. Fort Gibson Lake (Wagner)

Closest city: Wagner, right.
Median Home Sales Price: $130,000
Population: 8,500
Homes for Sale in Wagner, OK
Apartments for rent in Wagner, OK

Fort Gibson Lake, located in the quaint town of Wagner, is a great place for those looking to stay close to state parks. The lake is famous for its excellent fishing spots and beautiful, wide waters that are perfect for boating and water sports. The area is home to Sequoia State Park, several marinas, and boat launches, so there’s plenty to do from hiking to taking your boat out on the water. Wagner, with its small-town charm and population of 8,500, has a sense of community with its local restaurants along Cherokee Avenue. The city’s proximity to the lake allows residents easy access to outdoor activities while enjoying the comfort of city amenities.

Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma

4. Grand Lake of the Cherokees (Cleora)

Closest city: Cleora, ok.
Population: 1,500
Homes for sale in Cleora, OK
Apartments for rent in Cleora, OK

Grand Lake of the Cherokees is located at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, offering breathtaking views of the mountains. The lake has more than 1,300 miles of shoreline so there’s plenty to do. Recreational opportunities include boating, fishing and water skiing. Grand Lake of the Cherokees, often shortened to just Grand Lake, has several yacht clubs, cozy cabin rentals and campgrounds. There are several small towns around the lake, but the main one is Kalura. Cleora has some waterfront restaurants, local markets, and plenty of marinas to keep your boat.

5. Keystone Lake (Cleveland)

Closest city: Cleveland, OK.
Median Home Sales Price: $159,000
Population: 3,200
Homes for Sale in Cleveland, OK
Apartments for rent in Cleveland, OK

The fifth lake on our list is Keystone Lake, with its vast waters and natural beauty. The lake is a highlight of the small city of Cleveland and a popular destination for residents of nearby Tulsa. The lake offers residents and visitors a variety of water sports, fishing and camping. There are many parks around the lake such as Washington Irving South Recreation Area, Keystone Ancient Forest, and Keystone State Park, where you can find nature trails. The nearest city, Cleveland, is located at the northern point of the lake. This town of about 3,200 has many local restaurants and easy access. Keystone Lake.

6. Lake Eufaula (Eufaula)

Closest city: Eufaula, right
Population: 2,900
Median Home Sales Price: $170,000
Homes for sale in Eufaula, OK
Apartments for rent in Euofula, OK

Lake Eufaula is one of the largest man-made lakes, covering 102,500 acres. it is Oklahoma’s largest lake, offering many options for fishing, boating and swimming. You can find a variety of recreational spots from beaches, state parks like Arrowhead State Park and Lake Eufaula State Park, and waterfront restaurants in quaint lake towns. is one of the nearby cities. Eufaula, home to about 2,900 residents. The community of Eufaula is vibrant and welcoming with its charming Main Street, where you’ll find restaurants, cafes and shops.

Lake Overholser in Oklahoma

7. Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser (Oklahoma City)

Closest city: Oklahoma City, OK.
Median Home Sales Price: $259,450
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $1,002
Population: 655,000
Homes for sale in Oklahoma City, OK
Apartments for rent in Oklahoma City, OK

Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser. both of them Located in Oklahoma City, serving residents. Many options To enjoy waterfront living. These lakes are popular spots for boating, fishing and picnicking, providing a charming escape from the hustle and bustle. Lake Hefner is surrounded by several parks, such as Lakeshore Park, Stars and Stripes Park, and Bluff Creek Park, as well as the lighthouse. Lake Overholser is located west of Oklahoma City and is a great place to enjoy a picnic or fish. The lakes’ proximity to Oklahoma’s vibrant neighborhoods and their natural beauty make them great options for those looking for nature and city life.

8. Lake Murray (Ardmore)

Closest city: Ardmore, OK
Median Home Sales Price: $149,000
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $909
Population: 24,000
Homes for Sale in Ardmore, OK
Apartments for rent in Ardmore, OK

Lake Murray is located in the middle of Lake Murray State Park so there is no shortage of outdoor adventures. With its clear waters, beaches and campsites, Lake Murray is a great place to hike, fish and camp. The lake is famous for landmarks like the Tucker Tower and the floating cabins along the water. Ardmore is located just north of the lake and combines the charm of small town living with the beauty of Oklahoma’s natural landscape. The area is home to museums like the Greater Southwest Historical Museum and charming Main Street where you’ll find local shops and restaurants.

9. Lake Texoma (Tshomongo)

Closest city: Tishmango, ok.
Median Home Sales Price: $190,000
Population: 3,000
Homes for Sale in Tishmango, OK
Apartments for rent in Tishmango, OK

Lake Texoma is on the Oklahoma-Texas border and is a large lake known for its excellent fishing, boating and beautiful scenery. The lake has many marinas and campgrounds, and is home to Lake Texoma State Park, which has a walking trail. Tishomingo, the closest city, offers a quaint and friendly atmosphere for residents with its local cafes and museums like the Chickasaw National Capitol Building. There are many other small communities around the lake to explore.

Lake Thunderbird in Oklahoma

10. Lake Thunderbird (Norman)

Closest city: NORMAN, OK
Median Home Sales Price: $266,200
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $887
Population: 125,000
Homes for Sale in Norman, OK
Apartments for rent in Norman, OK

Lake Thunderbird is a peaceful retreat in the bustling city of Norman. Known for its calm waters and lush green surroundings, the lake is a favorite among locals for boating, fishing and picnicking. Lake Thunderbird has two main parks located at the north and south ends of the lake – Lake Thunderbird State Park and Little River State Park. You can also find trails such as the Clear Bay Trails trailhead and the Crater Alley Trail, as well as campgrounds. Norman, With a population of 125,000, it is the third largest city in Oklahoma and there is much to see, from exploring the charming downtown area to museums such as the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Moore-Lindsey Historical House Museum.

11. Oologah Lake (Oologah)

Closest city: Ologha, ok.
Median Home Sales Price: $129,000
Population: 1,300
Homes for Sale in Oologah, OK
Apartments for rent in Oologha, OK

Lake Oologah is an attractive setting for a variety of water sports and outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and picnicking. The area is full of trails and landmarks, such as Skull Hollow Nature Trail, Will Rogers Country Centennial Trail, Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, and Blue Creek Park. The town of Oologha, with a population of 1,300, has a welcoming community feel. The clear waters and natural beauty of Lake Oolooga, combined with the welcoming atmosphere of the city, make it an ideal area for homeowners looking for a relaxing lakeside environment.

12. Skiatook Lake

Closest city: Skiatook, right.
Median Home Sales Price: $179,500
Population: 8,400
Homes for Sale in Skiatook, OK
Apartments for rent in Skiatook, OK

Skiatook Lake is a beautiful reservoir known for its crystal clear waters and spectacular sunsets. The lake is a Popular destination for fishing, boating, and swimming, with views of bluffs and rugged cliffs. Skiatook Lake has several marinas, parks and trails such as the Osage Park Recreation Area and the Stay Gold Sunset Trail. The closest town is Skiatook where you’ll find coffee shops, cafes and local restaurants along WC Rogers Boulevard. It is often called the “Gateway to the Osage” because of its proximity to Osage County.

13. Tankiller Ferry Lake (Cookson)

Closest city: Cookson, OK
Median Home Sales Price: $292,000
Population: 1,030
Homes for Sale in Cookson, OK
Apartments for rent in Cookson, OK

Tenkiller Ferry Lake, often referred to simply as “Tenkiller,” is a magnificent body of water located near the small town of Cookson. The lake is fantastic for divers, fishermen and families looking for a beautiful vacation spot or a quiet place to call home. Tenkiller’s clear waters, recreational opportunities, and the community of Cookson make it a great choice for lake seekers in Oklahoma this year.

Note, this list is not comprehensive of all lakes in Oklahoma. Average home sales price data from Redfin Data Center through April 2024. Population data obtained from April 2024 United States Census Bureau.

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