How to get free food and drinks

Instead of spending all of your hard-earned cash at the supermarket, why not try scoring yourself some free food using these apps, plus more ideas for cutting your grocery bill.

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You might think that getting free food might be a bit much (or even illegal!), but it’s not.

There are many ways you can eat for free and get free food.

Not all of it is healthy, but if you’re looking for something to fill your belly, want to cut back on your expenses, or just want to try something for free, these ideas will hit the spot.

How to get free food

In no particular order, why not try…

Free food apps

Grab your phone and start downloading apps because you can earn more free food.

Food apps

It may not be the healthiest option for an ongoing meal, but it is a free option.

Both new and existing users can get free food through fast food apps.


There are apps for subway for free sub or cookie for new users. The reward seems to be different for everyone.


There are many Free Greggs food offers running on the Greggs app. Sometimes you can get a free hot drink, but there are also times to get a free sausage roll.

Burger King

Burger King offers a free burger or chips and ongoing specials.

Krispy Kreme

Download Krispy Kreme Rewards Appand you get a free glazed donut just for signing up.

Plus, you get another free donut every year on your birthday.

Taco Bell

You get a free Crunchy Taco when you sign up for a new account. The Taco Bell app.

Dunkin Donuts

When you sign up for Dunkin’ Donuts, you’re offered a free hot drink, though the offer is only available in select stores.


KFC was giving you a free 8-mini flat bucket just for signing up (however, it ended in April 2024). A new offer will be out soon, as they regularly run new member sign-up offers.

They are known to give you free fries every Friday.

Unfortunately, they don’t always offer free food, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for them and when the free food appears.

If you can “dumble” any of the game stickers during McDonald’s Monopoly, you’ll likely get a free burger, fries, ice cream or apple pie.

John Lewis

John Lewis recently added a free hot drink (free tea or free coffee) to its loyalty card members.

the evening

If you live in a big city, Disk App Offers you free drinks at local bars. If you continue to use the app, you can also earn points for future free drinks.

Take a look at the other freebies you can get with loyalty cards.

Food Waste Apps


The Olio app is where people in your community share food.

This app allows you to take free food from people or businesses that don’t want it. Like the Real Junk Food Project, Olive is helping to stop food waste.

Whether it’s someone who has too much and wants to reduce their food waste or a local allotment holder who won’t go through everything they make, the app offers free food.

The food will likely be near the end of its best-by or use-by dates (know the difference?) but will be perfectly fine to eat.

On the other hand, if you have leftover food (perhaps from an allotment you won’t get), share it.

Check out what’s available to you. close to you.

Phone network apps

Companies think loyalty pays, which is why there are so many loyalty cards out there!

Whether you stay loyal to a company or not, when you’re locked into a mobile phone contract, you have to pay your bill for the next 12-24 months.

It’s not just a monthly payment, but pay as you go on o2 and three can get some decent offers using their apps.

o2 preference There are tons of freebies, discounts and contests.

I have been able to get coffee, chocolate and a sandwich lunch in the past.

Cashback apps

Some good cashback apps include CheckoutSmart, Shopmium and GreenJinn.

Not all food will be free on the apps, but plenty are on offer, including gluten-free food, drinks, desserts, toiletries and more.

The idea is that you need to purchase the item, upload a photo of your receipt, and then claim a refund.

Be a mystery shopper/diner.

Be a mystery shopper/diner.Be a mystery shopper/diner.

Have you ever considered becoming a mystery shopper?

These are the people who visit shops, hotels and restaurants to try out the service. Then, after eating/shopping, they write a report and pay.

As a mystery diner, you’ll get food but don’t expect a full three-course meal. Instead, it’s possible that you’ll just get your mains for free – but it’s still free!

Take a look at some mystery shopping companies that might be looking for new people to join.

Use the community fridge.

The hand is taking the apple from the fridge.The hand is taking the apple from the fridge.

A local community fridge allows you to take extra food that other people or businesses don’t need.

They are free to use and are usually run by a group of volunteers to ensure that it is safe and clean to use.

See where to find a local community fridge near you.

Waste supermarket

Head to the useless supermarket.Head to the useless supermarket.

To prevent canning of food, The Real Junk Food Project was established.

It is not aimed at homeless, poor, thin people, but anyone can use their services.

They have set up cafes and supermarkets for food and waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The idea is that you pay what you can – they have a charitable status and need to pay for themselves. However, if you’re really skinny, don’t feel bad if you can’t pay.

They aren’t in all areas yet but are popping up everywhere.

Kids eat free.

There are many restaurants and local supermarket cafes that offer free meals to children.

With most of them, you have to buy an adult meal first.

However, there are some that only offer free meals to children as part of a half-term special.

Take a look at a wide range of places that offer kids free deals.

Find a job with a staff discount.

Find a jobFind a job

You may already be working, but have you considered a career in the catering industry?

If you work in a restaurant or kitchen, one of the perks of the job might be free breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I know you can get a free meal at McDonald’s if you work there (plus, they play nice too).

Get a free Amazon voucher.

You can buy groceries from Morrisons on Amazon!

Instead of spending cash, there are tons of ways to get free Amazon gift cards, so you don’t have to spend a dime.

You can use the free vouchers to shop throughout the week.



It’s not just during the harvest season. You can forage when the forest grows food all year round.

If you choose to forage for food, you need to make sure you do so responsibly (and for your own personal use).

Make sure you Know what you’re picking. As you don’t want to take anything bad for yourself, and prey on private property.

Start a garden.

Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space to fully dedicate, you can start a small kitchen garden on a windowsill.

Maybe start with some herbs, and you can gradually gain confidence Grow your own food indoors. At no cost

Carrots, lettuce, spring onions – what will you grow?

Get cashback.

Don't just sign up for a cashback account!  Be sure to take advantage of Quidco's new member sign-up bonus and earn extra cashback in the process!Don't just sign up for a cashback account!  Be sure to take advantage of Quidco's new member sign-up bonus and earn extra cashback in the process!

You can get yourself a full meal if you take advantage of the cashback.

New Quidco members can get a free takeaway after cashback from Hungryhouse, or if you fancy pizza, you can opt to get Domino’s.

Take a look at all of Quidco’s new member offers.

It’s your birthday.

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday

Happy birthday to you!

Oh, it’s not your birthday until next month? Well… do restaurants need to know this?

There are plenty of restaurants that offer free (and paid off) birthday treats to help you celebrate.

Sign up for their newsletters, but space your birthdays throughout the year.

That way, you won’t get all the free bubbly or food offers at once.

come home

Meet the family.Meet the family.

Not just mom, but dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, second cousin or partner.

Do you know someone who cooks a lot and always has leftovers?

Although this is a cheeky option, you might get a free plate of leftovers to tide you over.

There is a child

When you’re pregnant or just had a baby, there are many places that give out free samples, including baby food, saving you money at the store.

Check out where to find free kids stuff.

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