McDonald’s 3 for £3 mix and match meal deal is launching.

McDonald’s is launching a new meal deal where you can mix and match the menu to get three items for £3. But is it really a good deal?

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Maybe I’m showing my age, but I remember when McDonald’s offered the Pound Saver Menu (or something called that).

You can choose a variety of items for just one buck, which is cheaper than a standard meal deal.

Gone are those days, as the prices of the same items slowly increased, but now they are introducing a more “budget friendly” way to get fast food at a lower price!

McDonald’s 3 for £3 deal

Starting on Wednesday, 23 May 2024, just before May half term, you can choose three items from their bargain menu for £3 when you pick up in store.

You have to pick three items, but you can mix and match whatever you want.

Items are on the main menu, so you should order after 11am.

Menu items include:

  • Cheeseburger (usual price £1.39)
  • Hamburger (usual price £1.19)
  • Mayo Chicken (usual price £1.39)
  • Four chicken nuggets (not worth this size)
  • Small fries (usual price £1.19)
  • Apple Pie (usual price £1.69)
  • Two veggie dippers (not worth this size)
  • Side salad (usual price £1.09)
  • Mini McFlurry (from the basic range: Oreo, Maltesters or Smarties) (usual price £1.29)

Based on our local prices, for a burger, fries and an apple pie, we’d save £1.17 in total.

However, if you went for a hamburger, side salad and ice cream, you’d only save 57p!

(Prices may vary by location, so you may save more, and you may pay extra for shipping above.)

This offer is valid till 11 June 2024.

Keep an eye out this summer – we expect McDonald’s Monolpoy to return, perfect for free food and prizes to be won.

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