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Known for its picturesque desert scenery and family-friendly atmosphere, Gilbert, AZ, offers a unique blend of modern amenities and small-town charm. With its thriving local businesses, top-rated schools and numerous outdoor recreational activities, living in Gilbert offers a perfect balance of convenience and natural beauty. Whether you’re settling into a new one. Apartment in Gilbert or have lived in the city for years, this Redfin article will highlight some interesting facts about Gilbert that you might want to know.

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Quick facts about Gilbert

Median home sales price $595,000
Average monthly rent $1,786
Walk score 29/100
Transit score 15/100
Motorcycle score 53/100

1. Gilbert has some unique street names.

Gilbert, AZ is known for its unique street names such as “Sesame Street,” “Louise Lane,” and “Barney Court.” It adds whimsy to the city setting and makes for interesting conversation while giving directions.

2. Gilbert was once known as the “Weed Shipping Capital of the World.”

In its early years, Gilbert was known as the “Weed Shipping Capital of the World”. The town’s agricultural roots are deeply rooted in its history, with vast fields devoted to hay production. This agricultural heritage is celebrated in local events and reflected in the historic architecture of the town.

3. Gilbert’s citrus industry is booming.

Gilbert was once known for shipping weed, but has since turned into the “Citrus Capital of the World.” The city’s citrus industry is thriving, and you can find delicious oranges, lemons and grapes grown locally.

4. The saguaro cactus is Gilbert’s unofficial mascot.

The saguaro cactus is a prominent feature in Gilbert, and is often considered the city’s unofficial mascot. These majestic cacti can be found throughout the region, adding a unique and quirky charm to the landscape.

5. Gilbert was considered a city of the past.

Gilbert was once a ghost town with a dwindling population, but it has experienced a remarkable transformation and is now a thriving town with a growing community. The population has Since 1980, the average has doubled every five years. and currently sits at around 290,000.

6. Gilbert hosts the annual Global Village Festival.

Gilbert hosts the annual Global Village Festival which celebrates the city’s diverse cultural heritage. It features music, dance, food and art from around the world, making it a fun and educational event for locals and visitors alike. The event was held in 2024 on the lawn of the Gilbert Civic Center.

7. A historic water tower is one of Gilbert’s landmarks.

gave Gilbert Water Tower There is a landmark that has been preserved and stands as a reminder of the city’s past. It’s a popular spot for photos and a symbol of Gilbert’s rich history. The area around the tower is now a park with grassy areas and seating areas.

8. Gilbert has some unusual traffic laws.

Gilbert has some unusual traffic laws, including a ban on reversing vehicles on public roads. This is a strange regulation that adds uniqueness to the city’s traffic rules.

9. Gilbert has a thriving agritourism scene.

Gilbert is home to several agritourism destinations, where visitors can experience farm life, pick fresh produce, and learn about sustainable agriculture practices. It’s a unique and educational way to connect with the local community.

10. Gilbert hosts a concert series during the spring.

gave Downtown Concert Series Offers free concerts in the heart of Gilbert. Heritage District. Featuring a diverse range of musical genres, these events provide a lively atmosphere for community gatherings. They also support local musicians and add to the city’s cultural vibrancy.

Procedures: The median home sales price and monthly rent are from the data. Redfin Data Center. Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score are from the data. Walk score.

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