Artists with many talents – and a disability – focus on retirement research

The Creative Growth Art Center was founded 50 years ago in Oakland, California to provide artists with disabilities a space and materials for their work.

This is wonderful PBS News Hour video His story tells how his paintings, sculptures, and video installations were exhibited at the famous San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or SF MOMA for short.

As Why Exhibiting their art, it’s all about the high quality of work. In fact, SF MOMA has purchased more than 100 works of art from Creative Growth, reports News HourJeffrey Brown.

Is it an exhibition of disabled artists, or is it an exhibition of disabled artists? We tend to lead with art,” said Tom De Maria, Executive Director of Creative Growth.

“Art is on the wall,” he said, because artists “have something to say.”

SF Moma exhibition Runs through October 6.

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