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Home prices at another record: Are Americans still OK?

house prices They are still growing set a new recordDespite low demand for high mortgage rates and low inventory. At some point, this unaffordable housing market will make Americans a little bit worse. A downturn in real estate, Okay fine? Well, maybe not, according to a new survey that reveals what Americans see. Best investment In the long run. But these updates are just the tip of the iceberg in today’s headline show!

We’re back to discuss it. The housing market’s toughest headlines And share your opinion on whether they are fact, fiction or pure hype. First, Americans give their take on it. Best long term investmentand one asset in particular reigns supreme (sorry, it’s not crypto!) Next, will Record breaking house prices Pushing demand down further, forcing home flippers and home sellers to despair? Our experts share exactly what they’re seeing in their local markets.

Speaking of home sellers, Are you selling now? If so, there are Five things You can control. This will help you Sell ​​your home faster and for more.Even in today’s tight housing market. Expert House Flipper James Dennard Gives more tips on how he sells his flips at lightning speed, even in slow seasons. Finally, touch on us Airbnb’s latest party pooping And how they’re putting homeowners in the driver’s seat to protect their properties from raiders who could ruin their homes. Plus, an update on The end of the endless crab (See this episode for context).

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In this episode we cover

  • Why Americans consider this asset to be the best long-term investment.
  • Home price updates and what their impact may be. Housing prices are hitting record highs.
  • Five tips to sell your home faster and for more Even money in today’s housing market
  • What an expert house flipper does on every home they sell. To get the best price possible
  • Airbnb’s Latest Party Ban And how can the host. Protect their property.
  • An unfortunate update on one of America’s most beloved seafood restaurant chains
  • And So much more!

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