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2 High Quality FTSE Value Stocks I’ll Pick in June

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with FTSE Stocks are heating up, I’m looking for value as I look to bolster my portfolio this month.

Share prices are rising. Yet given the UK’s subpar performance over the past few years, many businesses still look great value for money.

I think these two high-quality value stocks are smart buys today. I think long-term investors should consider buying them. If I had the cash I would have picked them up this month.

The industrialist

Legal and General (LSE: LGEN) already makes up a substantial part of my portfolio. But while its share price has been pretty flat-lined year-to-date FTSE 100 5.9% is high, I think now might be a smart time to add to my holdings.

The stock looks cheap, trading below the FTSE 100 average (11) at just 9.8 times forward earnings. Its share price has suffered recently and there are a few reasons for this. The main problem is the uncertainty arising from the current economic conditions.

Assets under management have fluctuated as investors have pulled their money out of the funds. We expect more volatility in the coming months, so this will likely continue to be an issue.

But I like the prospects for where the business could go under CEO Antonio Simos, who took over at the start of the year. He has put more emphasis on building a simpler business and is expected to outline new strategic goals for the firm at a capital markets day this month.

The stock already has a hefty 8.1% dividend yield. Nevertheless, Simoes’ specific shareholder return remains a top priority. To achieve this, he is doing “Complete overview of all businessesTo see where the additional growth will come from. If I have investable cash, I hope to increase my position in stocks this month.

Storage specialist

Also on my radar. Safe Store (LSE: SAFE). The company does what it says on the tin. It is the largest storage provider in the UK. It has decreased by 4.7% in the last 12 months. FTSE 250There has been an increase of 8.7%. But up 14.2% in the past month, its shares are on the rise.

Even with this increase, the stock still looks like a good value. Its shares trade at 9.6 times earnings, around 12 times the FTSE 250 average.

I think Safe Store can be a slow burner. It has faced several challenges in the last two years with the economic environment. For example, higher rents have led to lower occupancy rates. In the near term, this could become a problem and weigh on the firm’s profitability.

But I’m still sharp. It dominates the UK market. Thus, it is now focusing its attention overseas. Last year it added six new locations in Spain and two in the Netherlands with its European expansion.

Despite the underperformance in the UK, overall revenue is expected to grow by 5.5% in 2023 despite tougher trading conditions.

It also has a 3.4% yield to consider. It has increased its profits for the past 14 years. During this spell, his payout has grown at an annual rate of around 20%.

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