Collect Clubcard points with Tesco’s newly launched Marketplace.

The brand new Tesco Marketplace is a one-stop shop for non-food products, and you can collect Clubcard points on everything you buy.

Tesco Market Place

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Tesco has launched a New market Selling everything from garden furniture to kitchen gadgets, toys, housewares, baby products, pets and more.

The online marketplace has popular brands with thousands of products to choose from.

I would like to note a few items.

For example, a bottle of Ciroc via Marketplace is £43 and shipped by their trusted reseller.

If you bought a bottle direct from Tesco, it would be £41—or £31 cheaper if you have a Clubcard!

(Well, that’s a different flavor, but my point is always to compare prices before hitting that checkout to make sure you get the best deal!)

Deliver the goods

You can add items from the food court and the market to your cart at the same time and check out as you normally would.

Tesco Marketplace and Food Order TotalsTesco Marketplace and Food Order Totals

Tesco handles payments, but delivery is done separately.

The items you buy from the market are sold and delivered by post or courier from their trusted partners, rather than being sent from your local store in a Tesco van.

This means that food and non-food items will arrive at different times.

The marketplace offers a delivery fee of £3 on orders over £50 if you order under £50. But, if you order a large or bulky product, there will be a specialist team to deliver up to £10 for free.

If you have the Tesco Delivery Saver Anytime plan, you get standard delivery at no minimum cost (except for large items).

Accumulating Club Card Points

It’s great that you have another way to collect Clubcard points.

You can collect 1 point for every £1 you spend on Marketplace products.

If you were planning to buy directly from one of the sellers listed on the marketplace, it’s best to do so through Tesco to collect extra loyalty points (unless you’re using a cashback deal to get more). cannot save).

The way you spend your points hasn’t changed yet.

You can’t spend them on hte marketplace, so it will remain as spending them for value in stores or earning x2 points with their rewards partners.

What happened before?

You’ll remember Tesco Direct for shopping for tech, clothes, toys and homewares.

Non-food was quite popular, but Tesco Direct closed in 2018.

Tesco began testing the new site in 2023 and has now fully launched the site selling goods from third-party sellers.

Tesco Marketplace is different in that they don’t stock items – they just have a site where other people can sell their items (similar to Amazon, but on a much smaller scale).

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