Shrinkage: Why Your Favorite Products Are Shrinking

Have you noticed that your favorite laundry detergent or chocolate bar is disappearing faster than usual? It’s shrinking at work!

Cartoon drawing.  On the left is a can of vegetable soup with a 100g label.  On the right is a small 75g can of vegetable soup.

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Shrinkflation gives you less for your money. In the UK, it is affecting items such as crisps, sausages, toilet paper, chocolate bars and more, leaving families frustrated because their money isn’t stretching.I.

Other countries are fighting back with clearer labeling and consumer education.

But, why aren’t we doing this in the UK?

It is time to demand transparency and justice.

What is shrinkflation and its effects in the UK

Shrinkflation is a sneaky process where products shrink in size while prices remain unchanged.

It’s like magic, but instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, your chocolate bar disappears.

The trick has affected many households in the UK, affecting items such as chocolate bars, crisps and even toilet paper.

Research shows That 65% of UK shoppers have felt the pinch, especially on snacksI.

It also leads to frustration, people need companies to cut costs – we all do – but a little transparency wouldn’t hurt, right?

What is being done?

Around the world, some countries are cracking down on this tactic and taking countermeasures to help inform and protect consumers.

And Britain?

In the UK, the government has not taken any specific measures against shrinkage. But they are talking about it.

However, consumer awareness is increasing and manufacturers are demanding more transparency..

Brands caught up and how they are responding.

Many big brands and supermarkets have been caught red-handed in shrinking.

PG Tips Yummy Decaf Pyramid Tea Bags – Shrinking from 180 bags to 140 without reduction in price.

lorpak lightly salted butter – Went from 225g to 180g in Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Andrex Classic Clean Flushable Washlet Moist Toilet Tissue Wipes – 40 to 36 in a pack at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Heinz Baked BeansReduced the number of beans in a tonstill claimed it didn’t count as a contraction.I.

Other brands have done something called “Cheap inflation“, where they keep the product size and price the same, but reduce the ingredients:

Sainsbury’s Clotted Cream Rice Pudding – Replace clotting cream with whipping cream.

Morrisons Guacamole – From 80% avocado to 77%

Yew Valley Spread Butter – From 54% butter to 50%

Brands often blame shrinking production costs.

However, consumers feel short-changed and are demanding more transparency.

What can be done about shrinkage?

Feeling short changed?

Here’s how to fight shrinkage:

  • Check unit prices.: Don’t be fooled by the price tag. Compare the price per kilogram or liter.
  • Find offers.: Buy special deals and bulk to make your money go further.
  • Switch brands.: Less well-known brands often offer better value. Try them out!
  • Buy in bulk.: Larger packs are generally more economical. Store and save.
  • speak up: Spot Shrink Inflation? Tell the company through social media or customer service. Hear your voice!

By being aware of what you buy and making smart choices, you can avoid the shrinkage trap and get the best value for your money.

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