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9 Best Lakes to Live in Mississippi in 2024

Mississippi is perhaps best known as the home of the Mississippi River, but the state has a diverse landscape of gulf islands, forests, and beautiful lakes. If you live in Mississippi and have always dreamed of owning a lake home, we’re here to help.

At Redfin, we’ve put together a list of the best lakes in Mississippi to live in this year. From the bustling beaches of Columbus Lake to the peaceful retreat of Ferguson Lake, each lake has its own unique charm. Let’s dive in and see which lake cities make the list.

1. Columbus Lake (Columbus)

Closest city: Columbus, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $755,000
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $700
Population: 23,000
Homes for Sale in Columbus, MS
Apartments for rent in Columbus, MS

Starting our list of lakes to live in Mississippi is Columbus Lake. Located in northwest Columbus, this lake has a beautiful setting. Columbus Lake is the perfect setting for one. A variety of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and fun picnics along the beach. Columbus is a bustling city with a charming downtown where you can find the Riverwalk Trail and local shops and restaurants. The city also has several parks, including the popular Lake Lowndes State Park, which offers hiking trails, sports facilities and camping sites.

2. Enid Lake (Water Valley)

Closest city: Water Valley, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $260,000
Population: 3,300
Homes for Sale in Water Valley, MS
Apartments for rent in Water Valley, MS

Lake Enid is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, as the lake is located in a more rural area. This expansive lake is known for excellent fishing opportunities, especially for crappie and bass, and plenty of space for boating and water sports. The surrounding area is full of cozy cabins and waterfront properties, making it an ideal spot for a weekend getaway or permanent lakeside home. Water Valley, with its small-town charm, offers a variety of local eateries, galleries and shops. Lake Enid’s natural beauty and welcoming community make it a hidden gem in Mississippi.

3. Grenada Lake (Grenada)

Closest city: Grenada, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $130,000
Population: 12,000
Homes for Sale in Grenada, MS
Apartments for rent in Grenada, MS

Grenada Lake, the largest body of water in Mississippi, is a focal point of the area. The lake is an angler’s paradise, with some of the best fishing in the area, with an abundance of catfish, bass and crappie. The vast expanse of the lake is also perfect for boating, sailing and water skiing, offering endless entertainment for water sports enthusiasts. Grenada, with its rich history and vibrant community life, provides a charming lagoon backdrop with historic sites, local dining and shopping options. The Lake Granada region is not only a great place to visit, but also a wonderful place to call home.

4. Horn Lake (Walls)

Closest city: Walls, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $279,000
Population: 1,300
Homes for Sale in Walls, MS
Apartments for rent in Walls, MS

Horn Lake is a peaceful lake and a local favorite for kayaking, canoeing and bird watching. The lake straddles Mississippi and Tennessee — and is popular in both states. The town of Walls has a strong community spirit and is only a short drive from the big city of Memphis, TN, which offers the best of both worlds. The area around Horn Lake is characterized by its natural beauty, with numerous hiking trails and outdoor activities available. For those looking for a lake to live in Tennessee, then Horn Lake may be for you.

Trees at Pickwick Lake Mississippi

5. Lake Ferguson (Greenville)

Closest city: Greenville, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $45,000
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $725
Population: 27,000
Homes for Sale in Greenville, MS
Apartments for rent in Greenville, MS

Lake Ferguson, adjacent to Greenville, is a great location for those looking for lakefront property. The lake is popular for fishing, with a variety of species including bass, catfish and bream. Greenville, a city with a rich cultural heritage and strong sense of community, offers a wide range of activities and amenities, from the Greenville Blues Festival to the Mississippi River Museum. The lake itself is a picturesque setting for boating and picnicking, with spectacular views of the sunset over the water.

6. Okatibe Lake (Collinsville)

Closest city: Collinsville, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $95,000
Population: 2,000
Homes for sale in Collinsville, MS
Apartments for rent in Collinsville, MS

Lake Okatibbee with its lush backdrop is a fascinating destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This tranquil lake is ideal for fishing, with abundant populations of bass and crappie, as well as water skiing and boating. The lake is surrounded by natural beauty, including several walking trails and picnic areas, making it the perfect place for an outing and weekend retreat. Nearby Collinsville offers a peaceful lifestyle with the charm of country life. For those seeking a quiet, rural setting with the benefits of lakefront living, Lake Okatibbee is a great option.

7. Pickwick Lake (Iuka)

Closest city: Iuka, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $92,500
Population: 3,000
Homes for Sale in Iuka, MS
Apartments for rent in Avoca, MS

Pickwick Lake is a vast reservoir bordering Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. It is a popular destination for those seeking adventure and relaxation by water. Known for its excellent bass fishing, Pickwick Lake also offers a wide range of water sports, including boating, jet skiing, and swimming. With its rich history and natural beauty, the town of Iuka provides a quaint backdrop to the lake, offering antique shops, local cuisine and the famous Tishomingo State Park. The park, with its hiking trails and rock formations, adds to the area’s appeal, making it a great destination for nature lovers. Pickwick Lake’s combination of recreational opportunities and charming downtown Iuka make it a wonderful place for a lakeside home.

Ross Barnett Reservoir A lake in Mississippi

8. Ross Barnett Reservoir (Madison)

Closest city: Madison, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $489,250
Population: 27,000
Homes for Sale in Madison, MS
Apartments for rent in Madison, MS

Ross Barnett Reservoir, located near Madison, is a center of activity and recreation in Mississippi. This vast body of water is a favorite among locals and visitors for sailing, fishing and water skiing. Madison is located on the west side of the reservoir, offering luxurious waterfront homes and numerous dining and shopping options. The area is also home to the Natchez Trace Parkway, which provides scenic views and outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Ross Barnett Reservoir’s combination of recreational facilities and medicine make it one of the great lakes to live in Mississippi.

9. Sardis Lake (Oxford)

Closest city: Oxford, MS
Median Home Sales Price: $375,450
Average rent for 1 bedroom: $915
Population: 28,000
Homes for sale in Oxford, MS
Apartments for rent in Oxford, MS

Sardis Lake, located a short drive from the historic city of Oxford, offers a charming setting for outdoor recreation and lakeside living. This large reservoir is known for its clear water, ideal for boating, swimming and fishing for catfish and bass. The area around Sardis Lake is also known for its beautiful campgrounds and public parks, such as John W. Kyle State Park, which offers cabins, golfing and nature trails. Oxford is a city steeped in Southern charm and a rich literary history, home to writers from William Faulkner to Josh Grisham, offering a vibrant cultural scene. With the University of Mississippi at its center, museums such as Rowan Oak, and historic buildings, Oxford is the perfect complement to Sardis Lake.

Note, this list is not comprehensive of all Mississippi lakes. Median home sales price data from Redfin Data Center through April 2024. Population data obtained from April 2024 United States Census Bureau.

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