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Is Diageo’s share price on the rise?

In the chaotic world of investing, where market sentiment can change almost overnight, finding a stock that offers both stability and growth can be incredibly rare. enter Diageo (LSE:DGE), a global titan in the alcoholic beverages industry, whose portfolio reads like a who’s who of iconic brands. Diageo’s share price has been on the slide for several years now, but is it due for a recovery? I have seen closely.


Founded in 1886, the business has been providing investors with drinks and steady returns for over a century. Today, with a market cap of £58.6bn, it stands as a heavyweight. FTSE 100Offering a compelling story of flexibility, value and growth. Of course, in recent years, with changing consumer habits and an uncertain economy, things haven’t been going down so smoothly. The share price has fallen more than 22 percent in the past five years alone.

However, good investing is all about finding opportunities. With the share price now hovering around the £26 mark, a discounted cash flow (DCF) calculation suggests it could be 31% below its fair value.

Looking closely at the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, the firm appears to be trading at a good valuation relative to peers, with the ratio just below the sector average, at 17.6 times. In other words, even in a sector known for its premium pricing, business can be a relative bargain.


Unlike tech startups that promise rapid growth, this company clearly offers something more reliable — steady, steady expansion. Analysts forecast annual earnings growth of 4.75% over the next five years. While it may not set pulses racing, it’s the kind of measured progression that compounds beautifully over time.

Over the past five years, the company has grown its earnings by a very healthy 7% annually. This track record through various economic climates – from Brexit uncertainty to pandemics – demonstrates its ability to deliver reliable growth when many others falter.

For income-seeking investors, the firm offers a dividend yield of 3.05%, beating many of its FTSE 100 peers. But is this dividend sustainable? With a payout ratio of 55%, it certainly appears so. This suggests that the balance sheet has enough strength to distribute profits generously while remaining intact enough to reinvest in the business.


For me, Diageo’s strength lies in the unparalleled diversity of its brand. From whiskey and gin to vodka and tequila, it seems to dominate every major spirit category. It’s not just about having many brands; It’s about being right. Each is a heavyweight in its class.


High debt levels may give some investors pause. But in the beverage industry, where brands are built over decades, such leverage is common. Companies often use their strong, stable cash flow to finance acquisitions and brand development. With a net profit margin of 19.67% and a history of building a smart brand, Diageo looks well-equipped to handle this debt.


In today’s volatile market, where tech darlings can replace tech duds overnight, Diageo offers something refreshingly different—a business as timeless and reliable as the beverages it sells. With deep appreciation in Diageo’s share price, steady growth, generous dividends, and an unrivaled brand portfolio, I feel it has a long and successful future. I will buy the shares next time.

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